Beef, fire...


Oh, how we love to grill! Thyme, oregano, lemon and garlic make the perfect rub for Garden Herb Strip SteaksClick here to get the recipe!

Nevada kids meet their beef ambassador

Special thanks to 2015 Nevada Beef Ambassador Bailey Kelton for bringing a bit of the ranch to fans attending the Reno Aces baseball game Saturday, May 30. We had a sell-out crowd for Nevada Beef Council Day, and the kids loved talking to Bailey and meeting the "herd" on the ballpark plaza.

Cattle Ranchers-

Everyday Environmentalists


cattle herd
It is important to understand that the nation's farmers and ranchers were among some of the first environmentalists. These families strive to produce food and fiber for the U.S. and the world, while also serving as environmental stewards.

Today, the average American farmer and rancher feeds 144 people worldwide!